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by MedSupa Revision Initiative -

MedSupa Revision Initiative invites Clinical Officer General Students to be enrolled in Internal Medicine (MED 125,MED 210,MED 220,MED 310 & MED 320),Gynaecology & Obstetrics (OBG 220 & OBG 320),Surgery (SGY 210,SGY 220 & SGY 320),Paediatrics & Child Health (PED 210 & PED 320),Mental Health & Clinical Psychiatry (MHP 210,MHP 220 & MHP 320),Public Health (PHC 220),Medical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (MPHT) and Health Systems Management (HSM 225).

Our Clinical Tutorials are based on Ward Rounds Questions,Hospital/Ward Presentations,Pre-Intermediate,Intermediate & Final Examinations Mentorship. We provide Crystal Clear Concempts with complete Revisions Pack Online.Enroll Now and Experience the Excellence.

This is to prepare students in all types of Examinations.Study Smart with Us!!!!

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Available courses

This course covers all concepts in relation to Intermediate and Final Examinations for Diploma in Clinical Medicine General.It includes ward rotation,Mock Examinations and Hints on Precise Clinical Practice.

The Approach is very smart and easy.

  • Pre-recorded Problem Based Tutorials 
  • Answered Past Papers with crystal clear concepts
  • Self-Test Quizzes in a well organised model
  • Live Lecture Sessions for updates in Internal Medicine
  • Live Revision Sessions

This category has A Must Know Revision Pack for Intermediate and Finalist Clinical Medicine General Examinations Preparations.

Your Sulution brought at your door step,register today HSM 225 Revision Pack for June Examinations.We provide revision with Crystal Clear Concepts.


This provides reliable Revision Pack for Intermediates with Crystal Clear Concepts.


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This provides Internal Medicine Revision  for Clinical Officer Officer Students with Crystal Clear Concepts.Mode of Revision include: Live Sessions,Pre-recorded answered questions with crystal clear explaination,Quizzes for self training and Tutorials on Multiple Choice Questions,True/False,Matching,Short Notes and Scenarios.


Try it Today! For more information WhatsApp us on +260 950 579 054

Welcome to Finalist COG Gynaecology & Obstetrics Revision Pack!!!

Enroll Today Only at K10/Day

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Welcome internal Medicine Smart Revision Pack!!

Enroll Now Only at K10/Day.

For further information contact us at +260 950 579  054